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Our Expertise

nou Systems, Inc. has a creative and technically versatile team whose core competencies include:

Data Analysis: First-hand, detailed analysis is core to our approach to understanding and evaluating systems. We develop efficient and effective analytical tools that allow us to gain insight into system behaviors. 

Big-Data: Big data analytics is becoming more and more important to your organization and your mission.  We can provide technology and expertise to help you with all aspects of grappling with big-data challenges.  We have expertise in big-data collection, mining, and pruning, and big-data storage as well as analysis infrastructure and technology.  We also have expertise in big-data analytics and can set up processing pipelines and develop algorithms to get to the heart of the data.

Machine Learning: Machine learning is a key component in big data analytics and its use is growing sharply.  We have expertise in a variety of machine learning technologies, including, for example, deep learning and convolutional neural nets, linear and non-linear models of various types, randomized optimization, and probabilistic learning.

Systems Engineering: From mission requirements development and system specification to system verification and assessment, we support our customers in the acquisition of mission-capable systems. 

Cybersecurity Services and Engineering: Characterizing the threat and quantifying its impact on mission performance is key to success in our interconnected world.  We help our customers understand the risks presented by threats and provide cybersecurity solutions that increase resilience. 

Modeling and Simulations: Along with data analysis, models and simulations serve as the foundation for our systems engineering and evaluation activity. From conceptual models to high-fidelity, emulative models, we develop and use the model needed to suit the task. 

Open Systems: We can architect and design open solutions for sensors, data networks, and control centers, helping our customers control life-cycle costs and avoid obsolescence related mission impacts.  We can develop real time open systems infrastructure, processes, and algorithms and deploy them in the field as integrated systems, such as radar and EO/IR sensors, system simulations, and communication systems.

Test: With years of experience testing algorithms, sensors, equipment and systems in everything from small-scale data collection experiments to large-scale live-fire events, we seek to maximize the value of such events for our customers and the end users. 

Evaluation: Determining how well as-built systems perform against current threats under realistic conditions is one of our passions and of great importance to Users and national decision makers. We strive to develop a deep, first-hand understanding of the performance drivers, capabilities, limitations and potential mitigations of systems. Our ultimate goal is to communicate that knowledge clearly and simply. 

Research and Development: Developing advanced technology that can overcome today's and tomorrow's challenges is a focus for us. We strive to conduct innovative research and develop solutions to challenging technical problems.


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